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Proactive CFO

Our goal at Proactive CFO is to partner with businesses and assist in all cash flow management, not just accounting. An accountant or CPA may check that you have reconciled accounts, paid your bills, that your employees are paid and help with some tax filings. However, they do not advise or create strategic financial plans that look at the big picture and proactively plan. We are more than just an accountant. We are your entire accounting department that is focused on growing your business and capitalizing on efficient ways to take on debt and maximize deductions. If you want to proactively plan for your businesses growth, as well as, manage past and present accounting,  then we are the accounting partners you need.

  • 20+ Years in Accounting
  • 10+ Years CPA in Public Accounting
  • Master’s Degree in Taxes
  • 5 Years as Clemson University Accounting Professor